Moving Made Easy: Moving with Pets!



With the many variables involved with moving it’s important to remember your favorite furry friends, your pets! Here’s a few tips and tricks to keep in mind while moving with your animals in honor of National Dog day!

1.)Tire your pet out:

“Let them burn some energy prior to the movers arrival, take them for a walk!” Our office manager Kendal Galloway said. They may be less interested in all the move action if they are pooped out from a long walk or run.



2.) Let them meet the Movers Who Care:

Introduce your pet to your movers! We care about your pet’s well being too! We want to make sure they know your move crew, so please be sure to mention it to your CSR while booking your move if your pet is going to be present.

3.) Ask a friend or family member to watch them during the move:

Animals are super sensitive and can sense the stress you’re under! Plus many types of animals, including cats hate change. Having a familiar friend around can help ease the change and take their minds off the move!

4.) Prepare a pet box!

Set aside your pet’s beloved toys and treats and keep them at hand so you can help keep entertained during the transition. Be sure to also keep their medical records and meds in this box so everything pet related is all together and organized!

5.) Update your Animal’s ID tag!

This is crucial! Make sure you switch out your animal’s id tag with the new address. It’s crazy to think something so tiny like your dog’s ID tag could be so important, but it is!

6.) Moving Across Country with your Pet!

If your pet is jet setting across the country to your new home comfort is key! Look up your local airport’s crate requirements, and be sure they have plenty of room to roam around. You might even want ask your vet if they could prescribe some sleep medication for the flight.




7.) Plan your hotel stays in advance!

Planning your hotel stays in advance if you are driving with your pet.  Planning ahead cannot only save you money on booking your stay, it’s important your hotel accepts animals! It’s good to have a couple of hotels in mind just in case you get stuck in traffic, or if those energy drinks kicked in and you end up making great drive time on the road!

We are excited for your move and want make sure it’s as stress free and hassle free as possible! For more information on moving with Two Men and a Truck call us today! 757.962.6683


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Moving On: Meeting new People in a new city!

After Two Men and a Truck moved you in your new home, and all your things are unpacked and organized, it’s time to explore your whole new world! We came up with a few ways you get out on the town and get to know your new city, and your neighbors!


  • Check out your City’s local Website

Typically, your city will have a Neighborhood Association & City Services page where everything from civic leagues, to events happening in the neighborhood will be listed! There might also be a listing of tourist attractions and popular food places you can try.


  • Volunteer!
Volunteering at the Strides Against Breast Cancer walk!

Have a passion for pets, kids, or your community? Go to your local coffee shop and see if they have a community board. People often post flyers of events and chances to volunteer!  There should also be local websites that have other opportunities to volunteer.



  • Be Creative

Type out a fun little bio of who you and your pets are and put it in your neighbor’s mail box! Include a little sweet treat, or handmade craft to make it personal! If there is a popular sport, or food your city is known for, it make your treat themed for added fun!

Bailey meeting new friends at the Strawberry Festival!
  • Be active

Take walks around your neighborhood! You’ll probably run into a neighbor doing lawn work, or walking their dog, that’d be a great way to introduce yourself and get to know the neighborhood pets!




Moving to a new town can be hard. Not knowing where things are located, not knowing the best routes to work, and not knowing any people can all be challenges to relocating to a new town-but that’s also part of the fun! Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things will help make you new memories and even some new friends!

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Moving You Forward



                Welcome to our Blog!

Two Men and a Truck Virginia Beach




We are excited to share some insight on what it takes to be one of Virginia Beach’s top rated movers! We’ve learned a few things along the way, and we’re here to spill  some secrets and let you into our world of moving! We’ve also got a great crew behind us and love to share all that we do to keep us having fun and working hard.

We hope you enjoy our blog, and learn something new in every weekly post!

And now,  a little more about who we are….

Life’s most joyous occasions often require us to move: marriage, a new job, or buying your dream home. But when some people think of moving, a few other life events may come to mind. Stress, broken lamps, busted walls, lost items, and did I mention stress?

That’s where we come in…

At  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® of Virginia Beach, we want you to enjoy those amazing life events, and to focus on what really matters. Our Goal is to move you forward, in that new home, into that dream school, and in life.

Leave it to the Pros

The days spent working at Two Men and a Truck Virginia Beach are lively, busy, and always moving.

“Everyday is something different,” move manager Michael Sudderth says. He’s been working for the moving franchise for just under two years, and loves being able to help ease a customer’s stress.

Caring is at our Core

Among the list of Two Men and a Truck’s core values is the Grandma Rule: Treat everyone as you would treat your Grandma. A value Sudderth puts into action daily.

“Recently, (someone we moved) was just so grateful I helped her. She reminded me of my grandmother, and I knew no matter what she needed I would have done it.” Sudderth says.

Virginia Beach Movers

Other Two Men and a Truck Virginia Beach team members also relate to helping a customer feel relieved about move day.

“Our responsibility is more than just making a sale,” Office Manager Kendal Galloway says.

“Being able to have a helping hand in a stressful situation, is really rewarding. When a customer told me

She couldn’t manage (moving) without our help, it feels really good.” Galloway says.


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